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The Soft Swim difference.
When you dive into a Soft Swim pool, you’ll feel the mineral difference. It’s like diving into a fluffy cloud – soft, smooth and silky.
As far as pool water goes, Soft Swim is as soft as it gets.
What is Soft Swim?
Soft Swim is a revolutionary new mineral pool maintenance range, developed for new and existing pools. It produces the softest, smoothest and silkiest water available, ensuring swimmers’ satisfaction. Additionally, Soft Swim is an easy, cost-effective way of maintaining a pool.

  • Softer on your skin, eyes and hair: Soft Swim is like moisturiser for your pool. No more itchy skin, sore eyes or dry hair.
  • More time for you: Soft Swim’s blend of minerals and patented products save you time and money due to a revolutionary 2-step pool maintenance
  • system.
  • Better for our planet: Soft Swim uses less chemicals and leaves a smaller carbon footprint. It’s not only better for you but better for our planet.
How does it work?
Start by enhancing your pool with a one-off application of Convert, to improve the feel of the water.

Convert is a unique blend of minerals that transforms an ordinary pool to a soothing, sparkling swimming experience. Only one application is required to set-up your pool for Soft Swim. Best of all, your water will feel soft and silky smooth.
Easy Maintenance
Step1 Choose either Mineral Springs for salt pools or Synergy for chlorine pools

Mineral Springs
This product renews and softens your pool water with a unique mix of essential minerals. This simple once-a-week program maintains water balance by reducing the pH that naturally increases in salt water pools. Its extraordinary clarifying and balancing powers rejuvenate pool water for a much softer swim.
or Synergy for chlorine pools to maintain your mineral levels and ensure healthy water.

This product not only kills and controls bacteria and algae, it makes pool water feel incredibly soft. After the simple set-up you'll enjoy an easy, once-a-week upkeep program. Synergy reduces maintenance, dissolving evenly in automatic feeders and floaters. This means less adjustments throughout the seasons as Soft Swim keeps working for you.
Step2 Add weekly doses of Clear to maintain soft, sparkling, clear water.

In conjunction with Synergy and Mineral Springs, Clear is a convenient once a week oxidiser for superb water clarity and improved swimmer comfort. Clear is a unique blend of oxidisers, clarifiers and water enhancing buffers which will clarify
water to keep your pool sparkling clear. Clear will also help control bacteria and prevent algae by removing swimmer
wastes, as well as maintain your Mineral levels.
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