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PureSilk Heavy Duty Salt Chlorinator

Unlike standard chlorinators, Puresilk™ chlorinators have an internal flow switch built into the cell cap which eliminates the need for additional plumbing. Puresilk™ chlorinators are designed for modern pool and spa systems where increased pressure can be present due to additional features such as in-floor cleaning systems and water features.

Puresilk’s patented vertical cell and internal by-pass system actually reduce pressure drop across the cell making it ideal for even the most complex of pool configurations. For added flexibility, the cell is suitable for both 40mm and 50mm connections. Puresilk™ cell housings are constructed of high impact acrylics for greater durability and longer life. The twin start thread allows for quick and easy electrode removal. The high pressure cell is suitable for both high pressure spa and for in-floor cleaning systems. All Puresilk™ chlorinators are rated as ‘heavy duty.

  • Puresilk™ Automatic Chlorinator Microprocessor Control System -  Self-Cleaning Cells. Puresilk’s™ microprocessor automatically reverses the polarity of each electrolytic plate to clean them completely whenever necessary.
  • Automatic Output Limiting - Protects power supply from over-salting and allows salt to be added without switching the chlorinator off. [No fuses, no circuit breakers needed.]
  • Automatic Low Salt Warning - If salt levels fall below the optimum threshold, the diagnostic display scrolls a message requesting a salt top up.
  • Automatic Low Salt Shut-down & Re-start - To protect the electrode from damage, the cell shuts down and a message scrolls if salt levels fall below the minimum point. The cell then continues to re-test and when normal salt levels are restored the cell will automatically re-start.
  • No Back-up Batteries Required - In the event of a power failure all information is stored for at least seven days without the need for batteries that can go flat or leak.
  • 24-Hour Boost Mode - The chlorinator and pump can be set to operate at full output for 24 hours. Thereafter it will automatically return to normal operation.
  • Pump Protection Monitor - If ever the pump is starved of water, the Puresilk™ microprocessor will switch off the pump and protect it from running dry. The timing is adjustable to suit different hydraulic conditions and pump types.
  • Pump Flush Feature - Cell power will automatically switch off for 30 seconds prior to the pump switching off to ensure the cell housing and the pump are flushed of concentrated chlorine. This prevents high chlorine levels in the pipework corroding heat exchangers and the valve components of in-floor cleaning systems.

Automatic Self-Cleaning Cells.

Automatic Low Salt Warning.

Automatic Memory Save.

24-Hour Boost Mode.

Automatic Pump Protection Monitor

Automatic Pump Flush.

The key to puresilk™ chorine generation is the vertical bi-polar electrode revolutionary cell design. The cell's venturi design and internal flow switch allows for continual operation despite the flow and pressure variables of heaters, variable speed pumps, water features, and in-floor cleaning systems.
Patented vertical cell and internal by-pass system reduce pressure drop across cell
•Suitable for both 40mm & 50mm connections

PureSilk Chromatalyzer

In a swimming pool or spa, as well as forces trying to contaminate the water, there are forces trying to make that water more acidic or more alkaline. If either wins, a build up of scale or corrosion will result. All these forces are constant so they need to be constantly monitored. And to maintain equilibrium, the forces used to cancel them out need to be precisely administered. In the past, both of these tasks fell to the pool owner.

Water would be tested daily and samples regularly taken to the pool shop so chemicals could be added. The longer the gap between tests, the greater the imbalance and the greater the chemical dosage required to restore that balance. The Puresilk™ Chromatic Sampler now replaces that guesswork and hard work. It’s a scientific instrument designed to monitor water quality at least twice per day and inject just the right amount of chlorine or acid to maintain perfect balance.

The patented Puresilk™ Chromatic Sampler uses ground-breaking, colorimetric sensing technology to test, analyse and correct water purity. It automatically mixes precise amounts of sample water and reagents in a test chamber and uses a photodiode to accurately measure the light intensity passing through the sample. If necessary, the microprocessor then activates its Peristaltic Pump to deliver just enough acid to bring the pH back into balance. It may also adjust the Puresilk™ Automatic Chlorinator’s output so there is always just the right amount of chlorine to destroy any new algae or bacteria.

So, it not only removes the need for daily manual testing and dosing, it manages itself. There is no calibration required. Each reagent satchel performs over 500 tests so they only need replacing every 6 months. And the testing chamber rinses itself after every test. In another first, the system automatically senses any switch from the pool to a spa and adjusts itself accordingly. And its sensors alert you if the Chlorinator is set too low or if chlorine and pH targets have not been achieved within a 12 hour period.

In essence, the Puresilk™ Chromatic Sampler takes all the work out of water testing. It tests far more accurately and will ensure that your pool or spa is always totally pure and balanced.

The Puresilk™ has No Probes - Therefore, there are no probes to regularly clean. There are no probes to be affected by hydrogen gas and malfunction. There is no need to regularly re-calibrate the system. And there is no chance of ground leakage into the water. Reagent satchels hold enough reagent to automatically test chlorine and pH levels more than 500 times.
  • The piston and drive shaft draw up an exact volume of water for analysis.
  • Chromatic or colorimetric testing is performed by a photodiode firing coloured light through a test sample containing specific reagents.
  • The peristaltic pump injects the precise amount of acid to balance the pool thereby eliminating dangerous manual handling of acid.
  • The microprocessor is easily configured to suit almost all domestic and commercial pool and spa sizes. Little or no programming is required.

No calibration is required.

Test chamber rinses after testing.

Reagent Satchels perform 500+ tests.

Satchels only replaced every 6 months.

Alerts if the Pure Silk Chlorinator is set too low.

Alerts if the chlorine or pH targets are not achieved within a 12 hour period.

The Patented Colourmetric Management System tests, analyses and corrects water purity using colourmetric sensing and sampling technology.
It automatically mixes precise amounts of water and reagents in a test chamber. A photodiode then accurately measures the light intensith passing through the sample.
If necessary the microprossor activates the peristaltic pump to deliver enough acid to correct the pH balance and also adjust the Pure Silk Salt Chlorinator's output to deliver the right amount of chlorine.

PureSilk and Hayward Replacement Cells

Genuine replacement cells for the Pure Silk and Hayward Pure Silk Chlorinator, cell only - excludes housing

Model PS25 (3750ppm) - Our Price $495.00
Model PS35 (3750 ppm)- Our Price $695.00

Model HPS25B (5000ppm) - Our Price $350.00

Contact us for Pricing on other models

PureSilk Chromatalyzer Reagent Set

Pure Silk Chromatalyzer Reagent Set

Our Price $69.00

Prices are inclusive of GST and are exclusive of shipping costs

Poolrite Salt Chlorinators

Poolrite Surechlor 3500 Salt Chlorinator

Poolrite's classic S3500 is manufactured with high quality materials to create robust and reliable water care technology.

Poolrite's range of salt chlorinators is recognised by the pool and spa professionals as one of the most reliable and robust salt chlorinator systems available.

The reliability has now been incorporated into a low cost, standard and reverse polarity, self cleaning salt chlorinator that is avaiable in either 25g for pools up to 60.000 litre or 35g suitable for pools up to 80,000 litre.

The S3500 simplifies the operation and functionality to provide a low cost, low maintenance salt chlorinator suitable for most swimming pools.

The Surechlor 3500 is the ideal replacement for an existing Poolrite Surechlor, AKS or Enduro Chlorinator.

We supply this product with battery back up, so if you are connected to Tariff 33 or have a power cut, the timer will maintain the current time.

Poolrite Surechlor 4500 

The Australian-designed Surechlor 4500 was vigorously tested during a three-year trial and is programmable for future innovations and functions.

The 4500 also features a time display and adjustible chlorine output, a salt-test function, manual pump mode and real-time clock with battery backup.

Poolrite offers a three-year warranty on the power pack and a three-year full and two-year pro-rata warranty on the cell.

The Surechlor 4500 is ideal for both salt and mineral pool applications and is an ideal replacement for Poolrite S4000 chlorinators or the original Magnablu Hydroxinators*

When matched with a Poolrite Gemini, energy efficient pump, the S4500 can control pump speed and provide remote control operation of pool lights.

* MAGNABLU & HYDROXINATOR are trademarks of Zodiac Group Australia Pty Ltd

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